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This website “NOWALL US” is not meant to make people meet for romance, relationship of any kind; sex, religion, sport, outing, social,…

This website is for human beings who are guided, driven by an intuition that they have a connection to other human beings beyond any desire, expectation, requirement, need,… to be fulfilled: just the simple but most unfathomable foreboding of an unclassified, undetermined, undeciphered connection, without any criteria.

As suggested, in the welcoming page video, we all come from a single origin: the old black disabled beggar on the street of Lagos is by essence connected to the aristocratic young healthy handsome banker in London-City.

In 30 years, machines will be more intelligent than human brains, but scientists will not be able to introduce in these computer programs the notion of intuition which cannot be represented by models of causality. Intuition is to intelligence what Quantum physics is to physics.

Our mission as mankind should be to develop and affirm our intuitive nature.

Therefore, the purpose of this website is to invite you who have the intuition that you are connected beyond any wall of preconceived ideas, to meet each other and to create an augmented mass of connection and intuition. You understand that this is not based on any kind of criteria systematically used by any existing social network to define each other.

Thanks to this new vector, some day the beggar of Calcutta will meet the most arrogant and aloof banker of Wall street or the most extreme fundamentalist will meet the most depraved lady of the red lantern district in Hamburg. They will not perhaps speak to each other but through their simple intuitive connection they will give peace and harmony to each other.

This is not the first attempt to try to confer onto the “intuition” a dominant role, but this is the first attempt to open a space, a place, where everyone can intuitively reconnect with someone else in harmony and peace, but with no Guru striving to share even impose his own theory with sometimes, pseudo-scientific justifications .

The principle here is that you follow your intuition, and not your curiosity nor your longings.

You will be put in situation that you will not premeditate although you will be there by choice, by an intuitive,not calculated choice.
No articulated criteria, conditions, parameters, only unfathomable pure intuition.

This website allows to propose a meeting in any place at any time. It is like launching a bottle with a simple message in the ocean.
I insist that you will be not supposed to give any clue about yourself. The objective is to prevent any body to find a rational reason to meet you.

So, an example of message should be:

“I am Donald, I will be at 1030am, the xx of 20xx,  in this bar , name/address, I will be sitting at the counter. “

You can mention your age, and your sex, but not necessarily.

Then the website will offer those who are willing to share their experience, an opportunity to write some comments about the event, the encounter.

This is the beginning of a long journey. This website is not flawless, it will require a lot of improvement along the way, as we anticipate that misled individuals will interfere with negative purpose, but we trust that it will offer a powerful vehicle to pull down the walls between connected, intuitive humans, to create unpredictable, unprecedented relations, to open a field of new comprehension, harmony and compassion through an empowering, empowered intuition.

Please, it is time to “NOWALL US”


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