Through “NoWall us”, we do not become friends by procuration. We recover the pleasure of meeting each other, of discovering each other. We empower our Humanity, simply guided by our intuition, our instinct.

We do not meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason

When was the last time you experienced the pleasure, the wonder of discovering the beautiful nature of a person who, at first sight, would never be of the faintest interest to you, a person who would never meet any of your expectations in life?

When have you been in a situation where you had time and had the desire to meet and talk to somebody? But nobody could read your mind, nobody could know that you wanted to meet somebody, and therefore nobody could come and talk to you.

“NOWALLUS” is meant to create a world, a global village, a global game where the residents, the players will have the tool to send a message that they are ready to meet, to shake hands, to hug, to smile to somebody and other players will have the tool to receive the message and will reply by joining the game.

It is like placing a panel over your head with the message:” I am here and is there anybody who would like to share this moment and this spot with me?” BUT, the big difference with the panel is that you are not appearing in person, you do not give any clue about yourself. The person who answers your message by coming to meet you, to have a conversation with you, can only be guided by her (his)intuition, her(his) instinct: a sort of game of chance to realize that intuition is not chance but certainty.

“NOWALLUS” is for those who are ready to play the game, to trust their intuition, to pick up the bottle dropped into the ocean by some stranger and meet this stranger, without having any clue about him or her, to create a unique moment of mutual discovery.

We are somewhere connected beyond any classification, any social community, culture, race, religion, gender, age,… beyond any wall.

“NOWALLUS” is to give all of us a chance to create a better world where individuals are meeting other individuals, just for the sake of discovering each other, knowing that they have in common the simple desire to meet, without any other expectation, without any self-interest.

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